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"Keep The Music Going"

piano lessons for beginners or seasoned pianists


Jamie Barnum

Welcome to the Barnum Piano Studio where your piano exploration begins! ♫ “Keep the Music Going!” ♫

With over 35 years of teaching experience, this adage has been the theme for the Barnum Piano Studio! Playing the piano is a grand adventure and one that will hopefully ignite not only a love for music in general but a sense of great personal accomplishment and growth! Learning to play an instrument has proven to be the one activity that uses every part of the brain to accomplish its goal! Personal expression, self-motivation, and goal-setting tools are just a few of the benefits of learning an instrument. Whether you aspire to become a professional musician or want to learn to play for pleasure, the Barnum Piano Studio is here to meet your musical needs!


private weekly lessons


performance opportunities

competitive rates

centrally located in Williamson County

Private studio


30, 45 and 60 minute lessons are offered at the Barnum Piano Studio. Striving to keep my policies clear and easy to understand will promote a smooth running studio and keep everyone on the same page. Please let me know if you have any questions and I’d be happy to help.


The Wunderkeys Series by Andrea and Trevor Dow and the Piano Adventures Series by Randall & Nancy Faber are systems that I use in my studio. Both of these avenues provide the student with pedagogically sound repertoire, technique, artistry and theory.

The Wunderkeys Series is a contemporary approach to learning, incorporating pop style pieces, technique, lead sheet, rhythm duets and sight reading in each unit.

The Faber Series is a little more traditional in it’s approach and is an equally favored learning system. Advancing students use a variety of repertoire books to fit their aspiring musicianship needs which includes music from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary periods.

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