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What To Expect

The Wunderkeys Series by Andrea and Trevor Dow and the Piano Adventures Series by Randall & Nancy Faber are systems that I use in my studio. Both of these avenues provide the student with pedagogically sound repertoire, technique, artistry and theory. The Wunderkeys Series is a contemporary approach to learning, incorporating pop style pieces, technique, lead sheet, rhythm duets and sight reading in each unit. The Faber Series is a little more traditional in it’s approach and is an equally favored learning system. Advancing students use a variety of repertoire books to fit their aspiring musicianship needs which includes music from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary periods.

Weekly Lessons

A friendly greeting and a smile always start our lesson together! We begin with a warm-up to get your fingers moving and your musical brain engaged! Then we move on to your technique assigned for the week! Depending on your level, we might do a sight-reading or ear training excerpt, a rhythm duet, or just hit the repertoire list. There is always something new and exciting to learn at your lesson! You can expect to have a worksheet or game assigned now and again to help you review your notation or to learn a new theory concept. Weekly lessons range from 30 to 45 to 60 minutes in length. If you are an online student, your calendar will have your lesson time booked with Zoom each week through the My Music Staff student portal. For in-person students, you will also have a Music Portal page and zoom link should the need arise for a zoom lesson throughout the year.

Group Piano Parties

During our ‘Piano Year” we get together for Group Piano Parties! During these 3 scheduled parties (Fall, Christmas and Early Spring), each student develops their skills by performing for their peers. This opportunity helps with overcoming performance anxiety, develops confidence, refines artistry, and gives the student a warm and inviting atmosphere to share their talent. At each party, we enjoy theory and rhythm games, as well as learning something new to add to our piano toolbox!

Performance Opportunities

Performing in front of your peers at our group lessons is one thing, but to polish and memorize music for an adjudicator takes your learning and expertise to the next level! Organizations such as The Guild, NYSSMA (New York State), Spring Goals (New York State), Spring Festival (Barnum studio exclusive) are avenues that provide each student with an opportunity to sharpen their pianistic skills. We wrap up our year with the Annual Piano Recital – always such a great time to share the beauty of music and your own personal accomplishments!

Year-End Assessments

Each year-end your student will receive a brief assessment of their musical progress. This report gives you an idea of their achievements in the previous year of piano lessons.

Instrument & Systems

Having an instrument that is in tune and free of repair is very important for the development of your student’s musical ear! A yearly tune will ensure that your piano stays in good condition. If you opt for a keyboard, you need one that has 88 full-sized weighted keys and comes with a pedal. Having a stand and a bench is also helpful so that your student is seated at the correct height and distance from the keyboard.