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35 Years


Jamie Barnum received her training through the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto Canada and has achieved the status of National Certification with the MTNA (Music Teachers National Association). Continuing in this vein of being a lifelong learner, Jamie strives to master her craft and sharpen her skills as a teacher through online research,
webinars and conferences. This ongoing professional development benefits her students with tried and true techniques to fresh pedagogy strategies for the piano. Students entering University as Music Majors, passing keyboard entrance exams, and becoming professional music educators and performers have their roots in Jamie Barnum’s studio.

Due to her own experience as a competitor and performer in her early years, Miss Jamie has been able to accompany numerous events including State Level Choirs, State adjudications for instrumental and vocal students, keyboard/piano for pit orchestras for High School Musicals, and Professional Level, as well as leading church music and accompanying many church services, masses, funerals, and weddings.

Her experience as an educator in the school sector has given Miss Jamie experience in the classroom setting, elementary band, and chorus opportunities. Miss Jamie’s own students have received perfect scores on many State level adjudications over the years. Participating in yearly adjudications give Miss Jamie’s students confidence from an early age, and has catapulted students forward in artistry and performing. Connecting with young students, understanding the tweens and teens, and guiding the maturing population in music endeavors is the broad spectrum that the Barnum studio provides.


On a personal ♫…

Miss Jamie’s desire is for students to gain an appreciation for music that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Studying the piano is an endeavor that can fuel a desire for life-long pleasure and learning. Playing the piano is much more than just notation on a page. It is an avenue for students to develop confidence and to become secure individuals with good self-esteem. It is deeply personal and brings about self-awareness that not many other extra-curricular activities can do. Learning to play the piano gives the student an opportunity to appreciate music history, to demonstrate the beauty of music through their artistry and technique, and to understand the theory and musical form which gives them a deeper understanding of this wonderful language. I count it an honor to share this beautiful gift with you.